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Corporate application for your
network of markets in 1 week

Smart Bonus is a platform that creates a corporate application with built-in services to attract new and retain regular customers for your chain of stores/supermarkets.
Inform about news and
special offers
Push messages
Which functions will your application have?
What will be special about the mobile application of your markets?
Launch your own unique
loyalty program
Online ordering and
online payment 24/7
Present electronic coupons
and certificates
Communicate with your
Order&couriers management, bots
Why customers choose the application
selecting company services?
If you have a chain, then all the establishments will be in one place
Favorable offers that come as messages
Coupons & bonuses
See all your coupons and bonuses in one place
Booking & purchase
Easy to book and buy goods/services
Registration of delivery of products/goods
A smart bonus system that is profitable to use
Chain of
Chain of
Chain of
For which markets the application
should be ordered?
To build a customer lifecycle
management process
Customer lifecycle management process
The application will help at all stages of the customer lifecycle
Attracting new customers

Mobile phone numbers as a virtual card of the buyer.

Instant registration in the loyalty program.

Individual coupons to attract new customers.

A system of recommendations and rewards for attracting friends.


POS software for customer service in stores.

Online in-app store and customer control panel.

API for registration of external sales.

Provision of prepaid goods and services.

Collection of user data

Instant build of customer base.

Adding customers by phone number, email, age and gender.

Integration of the existing customer base.

Analysis of user behavior and visitor interaction to increase sales.

Customer relations

Collection and processing of customer reviews and ratings.

Automatic addition to the loyalty program.

Loyalty programs based on bonuses.

Flexible system for adjusting various mechanics. 


Convenient customer segmentation.

Ability to create customer groups for marketing activities.

Ability to segment customers by their long-term behavior.

Creating customer groups based on the latest customer activity.


Targeted delivery of news and personalized push notifications.

Delivery of special offers, coupons and certificates.

Chat with customers. 

Order our application.

What are the benefits of having a business application?
The application is a benefit not only for the client, but also an increase in business growth.
growth of the average
loyalty check
1 year
increase in the number of checks per 1 person per year
1 year
conversion of Push-messages is 4 times higher than other channels
1 year
Companies that have already used our services
Every new business for us is a challenge and new opportunities
How to order an application for your company?
To order an app for your company, leave us an application. We will clarify the details of what features your future application should have and tell you the price.
Submit an application for your business
describing your needs
And we will contact you to calculate the cost of creating the application
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